Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Awards Ceremony (with NFPW President)

This photo was takn by our local IWPA president, Marianne Wolf Astrauskas. My comments: I look old and fat, and I'm wearing the same outfit I wore for the ceremony two years ago in Richmond, Virginia. It's time for a complete makeover!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Conference Inspires Me to Write Here Again!

The National Federation of Press Women held its 2009 conference in San Antonio, Texas, September 10-12. Desspite a few difficulties (see "Never too Late!"), I enjoyed many aspects of the trip. What inspired me to resurrect this blog, at least for a while, was the fact that I received two national writing awards, and the First Place award was for two posts to this blog: "In Defense of Self-Publishing, Parts I and II" (August 12,16 2008). You may read them below in the archives.

The judge commented, "Writer provides clear advice without preaching or ego. Offers something for every level of self-publisher, from the wannabe to those looking for new options."

Since the idea of self-publishing is scoffed at by many professional writers, I was elated to win first place and such a positive comment.

My little book of poetry, Elder Expectations: My Life in Rictameters, won second place. Of my three books, this is the least-read, yet everyone who has read it has praised it. Doesn't anyone read poetry any more?

Anyway, I liked the judge's comment: "I really enjoyed the use of the rictameter. Its use to describe the different parts of a life was really unique. A very good piece of work!"

If anyone is interested, Elder Expectations costs about $10 and can be ordered from