Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The First Review of Seniorwriting Has Just Appeared!

It's always a pleasure for a writer to read the first reviews of his or her books (unless they are scathingly critical). Until someone has read it, we wait anxiously for confirmation that our work has merit. The author usually likes the book, but will anyone else? We little-known authors without agents know that the "big guy" reviewers from the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune and other prestigious publications probably won't be interested, nor will local or national TV shows be competing to interview us, but thanks to the Internet, we can find competent reviewers. In fact, I am a reviewer of little-known books myself.

The first review of my new book, Seniorwriting: A Brief Guide for Seniors Who Want to Write, has just appeared on Reader Views and on Amazon.com. The reviewer is Richard R. Blake. To read his review, go to http://www.readerviews.com/ReviewStyneSeniorWriting.html

I'll repeat the link to my first author interview about this book, by Paul Lam in The Elders Tribune: http://www.elderstribune.com/writing/senior-writing-ten-questions-marlys-styne-seniorwriter


Two more reviews have appeared. You can find them with these links:



I am a realist; I know that my books have a limited audience, but I am always happy to read a favorable review or interview. If this book encourages at least a few of my fellow seniors to write their life stories, I have succeeded.

Copyright 2007 by Marlys Marshall Styne


Paul @ Elders Tribune said...

A well written and honest review. I especially support how he says that your book is "for every generation." I benefited from reading your book too even though I'm not a senior.

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Paul. I'm hoping more people will become interested in my book, and more importantly, write their own life stories.