Monday, January 7, 2008

The Joys of a Good Book Review

Do you read book reviews? Do they influence your reading choices? Book reviewing provides good writing practice, and you may discover some wonderful books in the process.

I have dabbled in the art of book reviewing; you can see a few of my reviews on this blog. Also, as an virtually unknown writer, I have eagerly sought reviews of my own two books. While neither book is a best seller, I've been pleased with several good reviews of each.

Did you know that any customer can write a customer review on Perhaps some filtering goes on to avoid unfair personal attacks and porn, but there are a lot of non-professional reviews there.

If you're a reader and a writer, why not read and review some books by obscure authors for your blogs and/or for Amazon?

As an author, I was especially pleased by one of the more recent reviews of my book Seniorwriting (there are several other good ones, too.). This review from Midwest Book Review (on line) strikes me as a very good example of a short review--and I don't just say that because it's about one of my own books.

"Seniorwriting: A Brief Guide For Seniors Who Want To Write, by Marlys Marshall Styne, is a succinct 81-page instruction manual specifically designed and intended for older men and women wanting to record their thoughts, their memories, their experiences, their observations, and their commentaries for the benefit of themselves, their friends and family, and future generations.

"Short writing examples and samples are provided based on Marlys Styne's own writing skills, expertise, and personal experience as a retired college English teacher who took up writing an award-winning book at the age of 73.

"Seniorwriting is a non-technical "how to" manual and guide that is ideal for those who have never written anything before -- and holds much of value for those who have written things earlier in their lives, but who have not done anything along those lines since. There are no rigid rules or straight-laced requirements in Seniorwriting, only practical advice, inspiring examples, alternative ideas, and motivating choices.

"If you are a senior and would like to record your thoughts be they simple observations or the next Great American Novel, then give Seniorwriting your attention. It will be one of the most rewarding reads you can do!"

Happy reviewing!


Linda Austin said...

Congratulations, Marlys! Midwest recently reviewed my book, also, to my delight. Chalk up another Amazon review. Hurrah!

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, and congratulations to you, too. Marlys