Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rictameter of the Day: Closet Clutter

Closet Clutter

Neat and clean? No,
Dark abyss, hole where things
Unwanted go, forgotten 'til
It's moving day, that dreaded moment when
Our messy lives are opened up
To reveal past errors,
Hidden chamber,

Copyright 2008 by Marlys Marshall Styne


Pat's Place said...

I love that one. My worst fear is that I will die and my children and friends will find out how disorganized I really am when they open my closets and cabinets.

seniorwriter said...

Actually, I don't care what happens after I die, but I do have a problem with having to sell my condo and move. I have some serious work to do!

Lydia said...

Boy, do I relate to this one!
I've blogged about my paralysis with the clutter in my life, mainly as a result of what I boxed up after my mother's death and that still is stored in a unit, and in one of our (much needed) rooms upstairs. What a mess the upstairs areas are. I'm becoming less sentimental, though, and feel enormous pride when I let something go!
Marlys, I must have missed your discussion about having to move. I'm sorry you must sell your condo if it is something you'd rather not do. I hope you have someone nearby to help.

seniorwriter said...

Lydia: Thanks. No, I'm not being forced to move. I plan to move to a senior building (independent living), The Clare at Water Tower, as soon as it's finished. I've written quite a bit about that on my other blog, "Never too Late!"

Since I have no relatives and few friends anywhere near me, I'll have to hire a lot of help. I don't look forward to the details, but I hope to survive them. I'm moving to a beautiful building (you can check it out on line).

Lydia said...

Oh My! That will be a spectacular building, and for someone who loves Chicago as you do it's just where you should be. I took the virtual tours of The Windsor and The Stirling, thinking you would go for the one-bedroom - but maybe your plans are for a study/office in one of the two-bedroom suites?
I would be so excited if I were you. Heck, I'm excited anyway! I apologize for not visiting your other blog to have known about your upcoming move. I'd be happy to help you if I were nearby.

seniorwriter said...

Yes, the Clare is becoming a spectacular building, and its location suits me. I plan to move into a two bedroom Kensington model on the 35th floor; I need one room for my office equipment. You can take a virtual tour of the Kensington, too.

I'm gradually facing the selling and moving process; the inside of the building won't be ready until late October or so.

Lydia said...

Oops, I just left a comment about having read more in your other blog about The Clare. 35th floor! Fantastic!