Friday, November 14, 2008

Kindness: A Rictameter

Soon after I was transferred from the hospital to the nursing home for rehabilitation, I was feeling alone and desolate. Along came a member of the Clare staff to offer help. Here is the poem I wrote in honor of her comforting visit:


Rachel came to
Offer help, advise, to
Care that I was helpless, hurting,
In despair. She answered questions, offered
Clothing, stamps, and cheer to make my
Day in this, my time of
Need. Thank you for

Copyright 2008 by Marlys Marshall Styne


Barbara said...

Thank you for introducing us to Rachel. There truly are angels on earth.

Lydia said...

Rachel's visit says so much about the life you'll begin there at The Clare. Now I know you made the right decision in selecting it as your home. Love both of the rictameters here.