Thursday, January 15, 2009

Written on Moving Day, January 9: It's the Little Things that Matter

One of the saddest things about my move was seeing my former cat Lyon's favorite toys suddenly revealed when a living room cabinet was moved. There they were: a light blue catnip mouse and a red-and-yellow hedgehog. The latter was a funny-looking toy, but I still remember marveling at the soon-gone identifying label. Without the tag, I wouldn't have had any idea what it was. Both toys still bore traces of cat hair mixed with dust.

Chasing those toys, and others, across the floor, where they eventually disappeared beneath the furniture, was Lyon's favorite pastime until he got too old for such frivolity. I always tried to retrieve the toys, but obviously those two got away from me a few years ago. Suddenly I remembered those years of watching Lyon and the cats that came before him at play, and I was sad. As I approach what will probably be my final move, nostalgia reigns.

When I first contemplated this move, back in 2004 or so, I made a point of asking if pets would be allowed at The Clare. I wouldn't have signed up if the answer had been "no." But little more than a year later, Lyon succumbed to complications of his diabetes. Will he be replaced? I don't know, but seeing his old toys reminded me of pleasant years.

In the traumatic process os moving, it is, indeed, the small things that are memorable.


Little Red said...

Oh. :( I don't think those little fury loved ones can ever be replaced.

And I hope you enjoy your new place! I'm not a big fan of moving.

Lydia said...

I'm playing catch up at your blog. This post was so poignant, Marlys. The two hidden cat toys are iconic images for your monumental move, and your memories of Lyon were dear. I hope you will consider another cat in your life. As incentive here is a short clip of our kitten, Willow!

seniorwriter said...

Lydia: I love the clip of your kitten! I guess I keep remembering not only the good things, but the bad about Lyon: his final illness and the destruction it caused him to do. Someday I may get another cat, but I'm not ready yet. The Clare allows pets, but I'm not sure it's the best place for a cat right now.


Lydia said...

You'll know when, and if, the time is right for a pet. I do understand what you said about recalling the final illness. I'm not yet over losing Bleecker in 2006 after two years of battling kidney failure (we administered subcutaneous fluid injections every three days during that time). And now our ten-year-old sheepdog is having (very mild) incontinence, requiring a denim/velcroed diaper holder and pads. She rarely needs it but has on occasion.

But, having Willow share my pillow (it rhymes but it's a nightly scene!) eases all anxiety!

Linda Austin said...

Hi Marlys. After 14 years we still have "Mookie's Toy" which is a very tiny beat-up bunny. It's the memories.