Friday, February 20, 2009

A Writing Challenge!

As winter slowly winds down, most of us reflect on its beauties and challenges as we eagerly wait for spring. Where you live undoubtedly makes a difference, but most of us have some winter thoughts to express.

How about writing a rictameter (or more than one) about winter? If you will submit them to my email address (there's a link in my complete profile here), I'll put them together for a mid-March collection. I'll consider other poetic forms as well. Let's celebrate the coming end of winter, share our winter disasters and/or our winter joys.

Thanks to Pat of "Pat's Place" for this idea! (

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Pat's Place said...

Hey! That's neat! My computer croaked, so I am using an unwieldy old laptop to catch up on my favorite blogs. I will submit one I wrote after I visited West Texas this past week.