Saturday, August 18, 2007

More on Writing your Life Story: a Book to Read

If you still aren't convinced of the benefits or importance of writing your life stories, here is a book you should read: MatchDotBomb, by my fellow Chicago writer Francine Pappadis Friedman (Wheatmark, 2007). This is a book especially important for newly-single baby boomers, but I enjoyed it as well. You can read my complete review on

Friedman, an attractive, fifty-something Chicago professional and mother of two grown children, loses her beloved husband unexpectedly. At the urging of two good friends, she begins searching for a new soul mate through Internet dating. She meets a whole rogues's gallery of lonely men, whom she describes and seems to understand very well. Her sense of humor is wonderful. She doesn't find her soul mate, but she discovers something far more important: herself.

That's why I recommend this book so highly on this writing site. This book is not really about Internet dating; it's about discovering who we really are and what we really want and acting on that knowledge. Francine Friedman discovered the answers partially through Internet dating, but also through writing about the experiences and about her life in general.

Even if your experiences, like mine, are quite different from Friedman's, and no matter what you think about Internet dating, read this book--and write your own!

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Jerry Waxler said...

Neat. I am interested in all sorts of reinventing yourself lifestories. Matchdotbomb - a great title. I put the book in my shopping cart. And also your own inventing story. Check out my blog on using writing to celebrate midlife crisis. I'd love to get your feedback.


seniorwriter said...


I checked out your blog and web site. How interesting to discover that you are apparently doing somewhat the same thing I am, except that my main focus is seniors, not boomers. Thanks for linking to "Write your Life!" I'll add a link to your blog as well.

My new (very short) book, coming out this fall, is called "Seniorwriting: a Brief Guide for Seniors who Want to Write (to Discover, to Heal, to Reinvent, to Share)" Sounds a bit ike what you're doing. It's a small world!