Thursday, September 6, 2007

Is Typing Difficult for You?

If you want to tell your story, but have difficulty typing, or simply prefer speaking to typing, you should check out the latest verstion of Dragon Naturally Speaking. For less that $100, you can easily learn to speak into a microphone and have your words transferred to your computer screen. Unlike some earlier versions of the program, this one seems to be getting some rave reviews.

Check out Paul's review in the September 5 The Elders Tribune at


Paul @ Elders Tribune said...

Thank you for the link, Marlys. I'm glad you find the article useful.

seniorwriter said...

My brother checked out this program for a friend, and he was very positive about it too. My brother found that typing worked better for him (as it does for me), but it's nice to have this possibility if we're ever unable to type. As we age, that's always a possibility.