Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Almost Here!

Today, I received the proof copy of my new book, Seniorwriting (Infinity Publishing, 2007). It will be published in two weeks or so. Since this is my second book, receiving it was not quite as exciting as receiving my first, but I still was thrilled to see it.

I hope that this brief guide (81 pages, $9.95) can make it easy and enjoyable for senior citizens to write to discover, to heal, to reinvent, and to share their valuable experiences and memories with future generations.

If you're already a writer, you probably do not need this book. It's basically for beginners. I hope it may prove useful as both a guide for individuals and as a text for Continuing Education or Lifelong Learning classes in writing; it is much less prescriptive and structured than the other books of its type I've seen, some of which seem to take a sort of "fill in the blanks" approach. I believe that we need encouragement toward creativity, not rigid writing rules.

My book offers examples of personal writing, including some first presented in this blog, as well as some practical advice on organizing, revising, editing, and publishing or sharing.

I hope to take away the fear of writing and inspire other seniors to find as much joy in writing as I have. Perhaps I'm naive, but I still believe that all seniors should share their valuable experiences and life stories--and that they can!

(No, I don't know who the gentleman on the cover is. His picture was provided by Infinity.)

Copyright 2007 by Marlys Marshall Styne


Paul @ Elders Tribune said...

This is very exciting indeed! I hope it sells well because it seems to be very useful. Please do keep us up to date with the progress.

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Paul. I think my book will be useful, but perhaps the audience will be small. Of course I would be elated if it sold well, but as usual for me, the satisfaction is in the writing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I certainly think that a book that helps seniors start to write would be very useful; seniors I have talked sometime think that they are not experienced enough to write. What they should understand is that in the later years is when they have a lot to write about and finally the time to do it. I wrote my first book at age 60 ("I Thought There Was a Road There") and am anxious to start another, because it is such a rewarding experience. I would encourage seniors to do the same.
Lynn Assimacopoulos

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Lynn. I wrote my first book at age 73, and writing it changed my life. I've been promoting writing by other seniors ever since.