Monday, March 3, 2008

September University: Worth Checking Out

Like most people with an Internet presence, I Googled my own name recently. There are certainly a lot of references to me, many of them very minor. It's an interesting exercise, however.

This time, I found a new review of my book Seniorwriting on a senior site I've been aware of, but not visited very often. I was reminded that this site is worth checking out. You can find the review of my book (with a mention of Reinventing Myself as well) at Take time to examine the rest of the site as well.

The reviewer mentions the relatively brief length of my books. I'm happy to say that he did not condemn that quality: instead, he wrote, "Ironically short books are much harder to write than long ones and Seniorwriting contains all of the elements you need to begin writing." I guess it's not bad to be a woman of few words!

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