Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Life in Rictameters

Just in case anyone is interested in my rictameters, I will be publishing a collection of them in a month or two. The title will be Elder Expectations: My Life in Rictameters. It will contain 39 poems in 56 pages. This is obviously not a money-making proposition, but it is fun! Stay tuned.

Any interested agents or publishers or potential reviewers out there? I doubt it, but I'm always open to suggestions. Hope springs eternal.


Pat's Place said...

I belong to Story Circle Network at and we have used for several of our publishing projects and are now considering them for another project. We really like them. Good luck with your project. I really enjoyed your month of poems and got one of my writing groups started writing them.

seniorwriter said...

Thanks. I also belong to SCN. As a matter of fact, I used lulu for "Remembering Violet," a family tribute to my late mother (it's not for general sale), and I intend to use lulu for my poetry book too. I used Infinity for my other two books, and was pleased with them. However, Infinity is too expensive for a small book like "Elder Expectations" which is even less likely to have great sales performance. I love the ease of self publishing.

Pat's Place said...

Good luck with it. I really enjoyed your Rictameter project in March and tried the poetry writing with a writing group recently. The group moaned and groaned over the process but everyone was pleased with the outcome.