Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seniorwriter is Discovered and Quoted!

Imagine my surprise when Deb Nicklay of the Mason City, Iowa, Globe Gazette discovered my blogs and asked for my comments on memoir writing! Of course I couldn't resist answering. I don't consider myself a true expert, but I'm always willing and eager to "share my wisdom."

Nicklay's article appeared today. I am quoted, along with a California blogger and memoir writer. The only minor error is that I am said to live near, rather than in, Chicago. Perhaps the citizens of Mason City think everyone lives in the suburbs. Anyway, it's a good article. I'm pleased the see more attention given to the interest in and importance of writing: journal, memoir, autobiography: call it what you will. Just try it.

The article headline is "Memoirs are a permanent and personal way to share your story."

Check it out on line at


Pat's Place said...


Elizabeth (Beth) LaMie said...

What a nice article! I especially like that you don't care what the stories are called, just as long as we write them.

I am so glad I found your two blogs and I look forward to catching up on both of them


seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Pat and Beth. I appreciate your interest and your comments.

Lydia said...


A nice article about your blogs! That is super.