Sunday, December 2, 2007

Another Online Outlet for Your Writing

If you want to post your writing on line, with a chance to earn a small sum of money if it proves popular with readers, check out the This is by Us web site. Once you've signed on, you can post anything you want and comment on any other post you want to.

Be sure to comment on and vote for anything you like there, and once you've posted somthing, urge those you know to read it, comment, and vote too. I just discovered this site today, so obviously I have not made any money, and as is my common experience, I probably won't. But feel free to vote for my two contributions and to add your own. At the very least, it's an interesting experiment. You can find a complete explanation on the site.


Catana said... is one of the poorest paying sites around, but it's fun as long as you don't mind seeing some very adult stuff. It gets pretty raucus there and might be offensive to some people. I wrote there for a while but decided I needed to quit wasting my time and energy and write where I'd make some money.

seniorwriter said...

I imagine you're right, but it's an interesting experiment. I'll ignore the "very adult stuff" and read only what sounds interesting. I guess I'm fortunate that I don't really need to or expect to make money on my writing, so I can be very relaxed about it and just have fun. Thanks for your comment.