Thursday, December 13, 2007

Enjoy the Holidays, and Prepare to Write About Them

At this time of year, you may be too busy to think about writing your life story; hopefully, you're busy living that story. However, as you savor every positive experience, chance meeting, or family reunion, think about what you can write later. Don't forget the unpleasant experiences or funny mishaps. either. Remember the stories of holidays past that you may hear from family members.

Every experience is worth writing about, so think about the people you love (and possibly whose who cause you problems). Remember the wonderful gifts you give and receive, and the less-than-wonderful ones, too. Enjoy, experience, and think about writing your life, as the title of this blog suggests.


Dorothy said...

Marlys, how are you? It's been awhile since our paths have crossed. I love this site. It's easy for me to get around on. Hope all is well, it will be one year next month I've been blogging. I love it, and hope to be able to do this a long time.

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Dorothy from grammology
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seniorwriter said...

Hello, Dorothy. All is well. I've been blogging a year and a half now (on my other blog, "Neveer too Late!") but not so long on this one. Blogging can be addictive, as can writing in general. I'm looking forward to Christmas in Houston, Texas, with my niece and her family.