Monday, December 10, 2007

More Writing Ideas: Tracing Creativity (and Other Traits)

In his essay "Your character evolves through time-a memoir prompt," Jerry Wexler, of Memory Writers Network ( records steps in his development of creativity, from sewing costumes and assembling model warships to dancing, painting, and singing, and finally to memoir writing. He encourages others to try to same thing.

I second the motion, and it seems to me that this technique can be applied to many traits or personal attributes besides creativity. You might explore steps that led you to a certain career or hobby or special interest, or steps that led you to an awareness of yourself, or even toward religious faith or lack thereof. How about steps in your coming to understand a particular problem, and/or steps that allowed you to solve that problem?

The idea is to focus on specific memories and try to describe them in detail, creating pictures with your words. That's what good life story writers do

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Dorothy said...

I look forward to learning more. It's been a difficult year for me. I learned that I love writing, however, I am smart enough to know I need a great amount of help to really do a good job. So on I go appealing to my readers with how I feel about life, and improving as I read and learn from other blogs. At 61 with no prior education in this subject I'm sure I make many mistakes, and generate a few chuckles from my readers. However, they've been kind to me and even return to my blog. This site will be a favorite and helpful to my self improvement.

My best,
Dorothy from grammology
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