Monday, June 2, 2008

Rictameter of the Day: Happiness, Elder Style

Happiness, Elder Style

Yes, I'm happy.
Young? No. Agile? No, my
Body doesn't work so well. It
Aches and creaks and tells me when it's time to
Rest, withdraw, to ponder, write, think
About the future. Hope
Can still keep me

Copyright 2008 by Marlys Marshall Styne


Lydia said...

Marlys, this is one of the best yet. It says so much.

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Lydia. I'm glad to know someone is reading these. A friend of mine is actually going to use a few rictameters from my book Elder Expectations in her literature class at Wright College, where I used to teach. I'm honored!

Lydia said...

That's wonderful, even better than leaving grandchildren to the world! I'll Google Wright College to find out more about it. Oh, and I just read your latest posts about your move and saw that you will be in The Kensington! I was wrong in my guess, and now I must go back to the website to see it. (I love that you don't care about golf, knitting, shuffleboard, dancing, etc.!)

I'm SURE more people are reading these!