Friday, June 20, 2008

Rictameter of the Day: Zebra Stripes

Zebra Stripes

Posing among
The bushes, trees of South
Africa. Your stripes so vivid,
Yet you can hide from foes or humans when
You need to. Part of nature's plan,
Its pattern. Lucky that
I saw you there,

Copyright 2008 by Marlys Marshall Styne
Photo by the author in Kruger Park


Lydia said...

Awww. A perfect rictameter accompanying a perfect photo describing a perfect creature.
(p.s. I guessed correctly about the Z!)
What's next, Marlys?

seniorwriter said...

I thought you'd guessed it, Lydia. I posted the same picture before.

As for what's next, I don't know. I could write rictameters almost forever, but few people read them (I thank you and my few other regular readers for commenting). Actually, I'm busy cleaning out clutter, since my condo is soon going on the market, and I need to post something new on my other blog.

Lydia said...

Well, then, I'll just have to pop over to your other blog and read there. Best of luck with the clutter clearing (I should be doing that myself, and we aren't even selling).