Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Encouraging Unknown Authors

Melissa Hart, in the October Writer's Digest, quotes some of Maryland psychologist Dr. Rochna D. Jain's advice to writers: "Make a 'success notebook' of positive things people have said about [your] writing, and read it when [you're] down."

The purpose of Hart's article "Surviving the Spite" is to advise authors about handling negative criticism. Although this has not been a problem for me, the above statement by Dr. Jain got me thinking about "positive things people have said." While I don't have a success notebook, I occasionally mention positive reviews and quote comments made about my various books, stories, blog posts, and columns here and on "Never too Late!" Jain's statement seems to justify and support my request for responses to my writing and that of others.

As I've said before, when you appreciate a book, story, or blog post by a virtually unknown author, please comment. It's a good way to encourage more writing that you'll enjoy.

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