Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gracious Words of Praise for One of My Books!

I received a day-brightening email from my blogging friend Lydia, of Writerquake (, today. I was elated that she had read Reinventing Myself and taken the time to write me about it. There's a message here: When you are impressed by a book, especially one by an unknown writer, contact the writer and let him or her know! Everyone appreciates recognition.

I assure you that Lydia is not a relative, nor have I ever met her in person, so I believe in her sincerity. Here is what she wrote:

"Dear Marlys,

"I finished Reinventing Myself in the early morning hours last Thursday. What an enjoyable book! It makes me sad that you say it hasn’t been widely read because people are missing out on reading an exciting travel adventure, a real love story, a condensed but highly interesting autobiography, the wisdom of a professor, a frank discussion of aging – especially concerning a woman alone – and a frank but vulnerable glance from a breast cancer survivor. They are missing out on picturesque descriptions of condos and classrooms, a neighborhood bar and long thoughtful walks, quirky cats and the value of poetry and writing, tours on every continent, and the expectations for a final residence, where, any careful reader would assume, a framed needlepoint picture of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage will make it home.

"Can you tell that I was touched by your dear book? I hope so. I’ve written about it to my blogging friend, Francessa, who is a teacher in Vienna and with whom I regularly email. She is intrigued and mentioned that she thinks she will buy Reinventing Myself. (She’s in my blogroll under Francessa’s Thinking) She now refers to “when you visit me…” in her messages, and, honestly, I would have in the past completely pooh-poohed the idea. However, where I’ve only visited Mexico and Canada outside of the U.S., and travel simply is not in the budget right now, I read her words with a different feeling after having read your book! I think to myself: it is possible, not impossible. Who knows? I must thank you for my newfound optimism in this regard.

"I’m so glad you decided to write your memoirs.

"Kind wishes.



Lydia said...

I vouch for the sincerity of my review of your book, Marlys! I also assure readers that you and I are not related, and that we've never met, but that I'm happy to call you my blogging friend. (I intend to write a short review at Amazon, where I purchased the book.)

Thanks much for the link to my blog, and, indirectly, to Francessa's, blog also.


Lisa Allender said...

I've never visited here before, but I read Lydia's "Writerquake" Blog. I just scanned through her list of blogs and saw your title Write Your Life--the title appealed to me, so I clicked it on...btw, I found Lydia through, uh, the blogs "Poet With A Day Job" or "Selma in the City" or ?...I really read ALOT of Blogs!
Congrats on your exciting book being published--I don't know much 'bout you, but I'm scrolling down here at your WYL to read more. Perhaps order your book, too!(seeing as how this Lydia-person, who I read so often, enjoyed it!)