Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finally: A Review of my poetry book, "Elder Expectations: My Life in Rictameters"!

I guess I'm impatient, but soon after my plea for reviewers (see below), I discovered a new review by Judith Helburn for Story Circle Book Reviews: http://www.storycirclebookreviews.org/reviews/expectations.shtml. It's good!

Of course I still want more reviews, but let me quote a few lines from Helburn's:

"Her [Styne's] message is that anyone can write 'to discover, heal, reinvent, share and enjoy,' and that the topics one writes about need not be full of drama, unusual or life-changing."

"It would be fun to use Elder Expectations in a writing group experimenting with poetry."

Thank you, Judith. And if you lead a writing group, consider Ms. Helburn's advice.


Lydia said...

I am so enjoying your book, Reinventing Myself...
I'm reading it in bed before lights out and last night's chapter was the motorcycle/hospital vacation! I was amazed by that one.

You have a wonderfully intimate and honest style of writing. Tender, blunt, witty - it's all those things and more.

I'm so behind in my reading that I'm also catching up on four back issues of my subscription to The Sun. Plus, one of my high school friends wrote a children's book and sent me the manuscript to read. Therefore, I'm not going to be racing through your book and will continue reading some each evening.

How's the sale of the condo coming along?

seniorwriter said...

Thanks for the good comments on my book, Lydia. It hasn't had a lot of readers, but those who have read it seem to like it. What more can I ask for? The condo has attracted about four lookers so far, but no sale. It's too early to panic, I hope.