Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What Bothers You? Write About It

Without being tagged, I've discovered another meme, thanks to Grandad at http://www.headrambles.com/. It's the "Getting your Goat" meme.

The idea is to list two things that irritate you for a reason (and list the reasons) and two irrational annoyances that you can't quite explain. Why not try it yourself? Here is my list:

Things that Irritate me for a Reason:

1. Buildings with long flights of stairs and no elevators or escalators.

Anyone else with bad knees and/or other walking difficulties will appreciate this one. "Handicapped Access" is improving here in Chicago and in the US in general, but 'taint so in many foreign countries. I've probably missed a lot of interesting things by remaining on the first floor.

2. Forwarded e-mails, especially "jokes" and religious musings.

I usually don't think the jokes are funny, and while I respect everyone's religion or lack thereof, you can't convert me to anything.

Irrational Annoyances:

1. TV "teaser" ads.

These are the frequently repeated ads toting coming news bits or features. The idea is to get me so interested that I'll avoid switching channels, but I just get impatient. If it sounds interesting, I may not wait, and if it doesn't, I'm gone.

2. Cell Phones.

They're everywhere (but I don't even know where mine is). I know your life may revolve around or depend on your cell phone, but is it really necessary to walk down the street clutching it to your ear? And don't you know that driving while talking on a hand-held phone is illegal in Chicago, not to mention dangerous?

See the original at http://www.skillett.com/index.php/557/getting-your-goat-meme


Grandad said...

Ha. I can relate to all of those.

I notice that mobiles [sorry - cell phones!] are developing as a top hate.

I had forgotten about the 'funny' emails. I used to be plagued with them, but since retirement life has been blissfully quiet. They used to drive me to distraction, but they were always from colleagues, so I didn't have the heart to tell them to go and do the other thing...

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Grandad. After nine years of retirement, I still get an occasional so-called joke. I find them easy to ignore these days.

Lydia said...

I agree with you on the last three irritations 100%. I'd add to the joke gripe something I loathe: the political smear emails about my candidate. I've already lost Mike's aunt as a friend because I wrote back no more! I hate "Hate Emails." And also, like you, no one is going to convert me to anything and certainly is not going to cause me to change my politics.

Since I'm lucky that stairs don't bother me (yet) I'll replace that one with something that is happening right this instant. The next-door teenager, whose room is a remodeled former one-car garage, plays his atrocious music so loudly that I both hear and FEEL it in my house. Right now the beat is hammering my ears and the pit of my stomach has a jumpy sensation. And Feather, my serene 12-yr.-old cat is trying to sleep on the desk and she looks highly annoyed.

Congrats on the new book, too, Marlys. I'm getting closer to reading your other one!

Keiron said...

I can live with mobiles/cell phones (heck I work for a company that makes them I have to!).

What really irritates me is users of them with annoying (and loud) ringtones that can't remember which pocket they put it in!!

They're about to allow phones to be used on flights, I may just swim!