Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Please Review My Book!

How about writing a review of my latest book, Elder Expectations: My Life in Rictameters, and posting it on your blog and on Amazon.com? It seems that the world is not quite ready for poetry, especially rictameters, which few have heard of, by unknown elders.

This book can be read in a very short time; it's only 56 pages long. If any blogger out there is willing to write a review, I'll send you a review copy. You just provide your "snail mail" address. If the review is negative, just send it to me without posting it. I really would like your opinion.

I don't claim that this is great poetry, and I don't expect to make a fortune (it only sells for $9.95, and not much of that goes to the author). My purpose is to encourage my peers to try writing poems, whether rictameters or not.


Pat's Place said...

I have had my writing groups try writing richtameters and they loved the experience. I have another group meeting on Thursday--I will work writing a richtameter into the writing experience again.

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Pat. Would you like a review copy?

Lisa Allender said...

If you believe I am qualified enough to write a review for you, please let me know. Although I am just becoming familiar with your work(via your blog), I think I would enjoy reading your poetry, and have an extensive background in theatre, poetry, literature....
I have reviewed books, mostly novels, and have interviewed for newspapers various authors and poets.
I'd love to Review your book, "Elder Expectations:My Life In Rictameters"

seniorwriter said...

Thanks, Lisa. I'm sure you're more than qualified. I warn you, though, that you may be too young to appreciate these brief musings of an old lady. Check out the preview on Lulu.com (you can do that without ordering the book), and if you still want it, send me your "snail mail" address and I'll mail you a copy.